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Originally Posted by kpeng
K+DCAN cable.
So just to get everything lined up for when I decide to flash, I will need;
- a bimmerpro cable k+dcan cable
- a battery tender
- a laptop and wifi connection? Can it be done via snartphone?
-The MHD flash liscence
- whatever tune that I want to load
-monitor liscence? I assume this is for data logging

A couple questions too
If I am planning to run the jb4 with bef do I need a monitor liscence, or is jb4 data logging sufficient?
My understanding is the BEF is basically a flash tune that is specifically designed to work with the jb4? Is that definitely they way to go.if planning on keeping the jb4 for methanol control? Any benefits from a different flash?
Is that bimmerpro cable the same cable that would be used for coding?

2016 M235i EWG N55 - Empty exhaust - Charge Pipe - Intake - FMIC - WMI kit dual cm5+cm7 - JB4 FF and EWG Wires.
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