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Default Mods done JB4,BCM - 12-08-2018, 07:18 PM

I installed my new plugs today and while I was at it I installed my BCM and reinstalled my tuner and added the jb4 bluetooth connection. I have some questions now. The JB4 wireless is connecting to my phone via the app. I'm not getting any readings though, so where might I have gone wrong? Plugged tuner in the same places as before, and BCM down behind passenger side charge cooler. Patched the blue wire from the wireless to the red wire of tuner box using supplied splice and plugged other end into tuner. Is that all? I can change from Map to map and it allows me to save existing tune and modify other parameters. Any info that would be pertinent to data logging is not present. I'm just in need of a little help. I'm one city away if it helps to see it.
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