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Default 07-08-2015, 10:47 AM

Originally Posted by elijahcole92
Well it's slightly different in that it's not a "recall" from Tony himself. But how is your offer of a free rebuild which you regularly offer anyways, any better than Tony's customer service? You always rag on his customer service but I mean he agreed to give the guy a new set of turbos, just pay the difference! His avoidance is no different than you avoiding the thread of multiple people asking you for answers, all the while you're posting promotion threads for new products, instead of addressing the problems current customers are having.
What is slightly different is this: If you are having an issue, email us… we will resolve it under our policy (which includes repairs where/if necessary).

If you believe that the example provided above is better, then feel free to shoot us even more funds, and we will respond to your emails with nothing concrete (including not fixing or shipping anything) for at least 9 months and counting.


See for N54 Twin Turbo Bolt-On upgrades, or contact directly 314-630-8950 for a price quote.
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