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Originally Posted by Cloud9Blue
And you are not acting like a white knight by typing all these rants up and hijacking this thread? Please...

I have no problem with RB, who I bought quite a few very well made parts from him and also called out Tony's BS for RB's sake over the years. But OP had a problem, and RB's attitude in this thread was disappointing to say the least. The same goes the guy with the trans cooler adaptor who is more interested in throwing diss to anyone who disagree with him than talking about actual data. So that makes me a white knight now, because you refuse to see the actual issue that are being discussed here? Don't even get me started on the amount of BS on the Frankenturbo threads...

Guess what, I did blame OP for not sending in his turbo earlier on e90post. Sure OP had a problem that he should have handled it earlier instead of sitting on them for 2 years (something he already admits, so no need to shame him any further), but RB is also trying to shift the blame by spewing up marketing BS, which I called him out for. That's it... If you don't like the way I talk on forums and how I apparently trying to sound smarter than everyone else. I am sorry, but I really don't have the energy to sugar coat every post I made for sensitive people like you... But I refuse to dumb things down and resort to throwing rants and insults like some of you guys here.

Anyway, I am done with your nonsense...
The actual issue is the OP's turbos have waste gate rattle...

What I am curious about is what is your actual issue? You state RB spewing up marketing BS, trying to shift blame and his "attitude"? What would you do as a "seller" or manufacturer if someone came to you and said something like this, "well they were messed up from day 1, but I decided I wanted to make it an issue today 730 days later...."

Funny you don't like someone's attitude, but its deemed "ok" if you don't have time to sugar coat it (as you call it), but not okay if Rob or another vendor doesn't? Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me...

But I am probably still missing the point, right?
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