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Default JB4 not working N63tu X5 50i M sport - 08-12-2021, 05:06 AM

Hey everyone,
I've been having bad luck with the JB4. I initially installed it to the TMAP sensors by the intercoolers, and to the MAF sensors on the intake. The JB4 would not connect to my laptop or to my app on my iPhone. I was told since I have it hooked up wrong it likely messed up the motherboard. I got the new motherboard yesterday, and hooked the JB4 back up to the TMAPs only. Still nothing, cannot connect to my iPhone. I have not tried my laptop yet. The X5 runs fun with the JB4 installed. I though well maybe it's may cars OBD port, so I hooked up my scanner and that works fine. I'm confused and frustrated. Any insight would be appreciated.
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