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Default Incompetent response from BMS tech support, need help - 07-18-2021, 08:35 AM

I recently installed a JB4 on my N55 powered 2013 X5. The power gain is nice and everything appears to be working, except that I am getting strange behavior on the gauges on the mobile app. If I come off throttle on map 1, AFR and ignition timing gyrate wildly. Switching to map 0, all symptoms disappear.
To a trained engineer, which I am, this looks like noise in the circuit introduced by the JB4. I am concerned that spurious signals from my JB4 could cause problems if passed to my ECU. I asked BMS tech support why this is happening and why it is not harmful. Their response was "that's how turbo cars are." I asked for my question to be referred to a higher level of tech support. Crickets.
This reflects either a lack of care about customer concerns, a lack of technical training, or both. Please help, as I would like to keep the JB4 but I'm seriously questioning trusting this product with my engine.
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