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Default 09-29-2020, 05:56 AM

"safety for lean (2). both trims maxed right away (50) and both afr went very lean (16-18) then the switch to map 4 safety. boost was on target until safety. likely fuel related. fuel pressures seemed ok so you may need a pump back end flash. enable 6 cyl timing. log in 3rd gear, traction control inactive, 2000 rpm to redline. and post again. the jb4 can be set to auto log under wide open throttle so you don't have to stop and start the log. map 5 (auto tune) can be useful as you and the car get used to the tune and logs. keep trying and post back here for help and questions. we've all been where you are. the power is there. wait till you add ethanol...woooo!"

The above is what Dave from fuel-it sent me.

Most pertinent to you-
***enable 6 cyl timing.
***log in 3rd gear,
***traction control inactive,
***2000 rpm to redline.

Fourth gear pulls put you into the 100+mph zone. I made that mistake last time...
I have an auto with paddle shifters. I roll into it and put the car in third then bury the pedal to redline.

2009 135i Auto
BMS back end flash
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