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Default 09-29-2020, 03:15 AM

Thanks, Mustoke. The Logging Parameters and their Meaning post was helpful. Playing with the logs and display settings is also helpful. Downloading a CSV to play with is fun too.

I've read most of that sticky thread a few times by now. Funny, I seem to catch different things each time, kind of like watching a move a second time one catches different things.

I don't have a convenient track nearby. The closest one is an hour away. Same for a dyno. So, I'm relying on highway pulls and the like, which are inconvenient and inconsistent.

I guess I'm also looking for what speeds, RPMs, gears, length of time, time before punching it and after, etc. a pull/WOT should be logged? Just best practices or ideal circumstances.

Knowing this I can find the right places to do them in my area and hopefully get some more consistent logs over periods of time measuring the effects of my mods and getting to know my car.

Again, thanks!
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