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Default Do's and don'ts of pulls, WOTs, and logs... - 09-25-2020, 05:40 PM

Hey, all. First of all, I'd like to express a ton of gratitude for all those that have contributed to these forums. I've referenced them again and again in recent months and hope to contribute back in some way along my N54 journey.

I bought a 2008 535xi about a year ago. Flash forward to five weeks ago and I had to replace the turbos. They were mostly covered under a warranty, so it wasn't too painful. A guy at work does a lot of tinkering with cars and turbos and such. We got to chatting, I got to Googling, and bam, I found and discovered a whole new world. My buddy recommended I start with a tune and a bigger intercooler, so I landed on the JB4 with the Bluetooth kit and got a VRSF 7.5" FMIC. Both have been installed and it feels like a whole new car. Problem is, now I've been bit by the bug. I want to learn and do more, bit by bit.

Again, this is all new to me, so forgive any mis-steps, obvious mistakes, etc. I just haven't done much of this stuff before. It was a miracle I got the FMIC installed. I've got a dual cone intake coming, and want to do the charge pipe and BOV, then a LPFP next so I can better handle some ethanol mixes. Thoughts on that order of mods?

Now on to my topic, finally. With the JB4, I'd like to learn how to really read and use it more effectively. There wasn't a manual in the box or anything, and the sheer amount of content, posts, etc. is a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping someone can provide some basics, and I mean real beginner stuff, and best practices for pulls, WOTs, and how to read logs to diagnose issues and improve performance.

I know it's likely not the most exciting topic for most if not all of you guys, but any tips, tricks, and advice is greatly appreciated. Same for things to avoid or absolutely not do. Anyway, thanks again for all that you've already contributed and added to my N54 journey. Anything else from here on out is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.



Propper logging:
3rd gear
2k rpm - redline
WOT (but don't activate the kick down switch)
shift into 4th
slow down, and end log

Guide to Logging:
From Terry: Logging Parameters and their Meaning - - International Turbo Racing Discussion

This article is also helpful.
BMW N54 Ultimate Data Logging Guide - JB4 Data Logging

See logging for proper pulls/WOTs. Keep in mind you'll be going real fast by the end of it. If there is no track available, find long, straight, empty roads, or do highway pulls on straighter onramps. Another helpful thing is to prevent the downshift if driving an automatic. You can try to do this manually, or if you like to smash, get a downshift blocker.

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