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Default G70 3.3T feels slower with intakes - 09-06-2021, 07:41 AM

Hey Guys,

Iím new to the forum, first post here. That said Iím pretty mechanically inclined and have done some custom tuning myself on serval Evos and DSMs back in the day.

I just installed my JB4, EWG Connectors, Mobile setup, Denso Spark plugs (gapped at .022), and BMS Intakes (all part of the 450whp kit).

I did NOT connect the optional fuel wires because Iím waiting for the PNP harness to be off back-order.

Iíve tried MAP2 (running 93oct), and then went back to MAP1 to be safe since I donít have AFR control right now. I even tried MAP0 disabling the JB4. I can say MAP1 does feel better than MAP0, so I know itís working. BUT - the car doesnít seem to feel like it has the same level of torque it did prior to the install. If I step on it from a dig, it actually feels slower than prior to the install I think.

What should I be seeing for boost on a 3rd gear pull? Seems to only be hitting 14-15psi or so, which Iíd guess is low.
Secondly, will intakes with A/F control actually lose power?

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