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Default 07-19-2021, 01:10 AM

BMW finally got around to upgrading my software to 07/2021.20 from 03/2021.40. I noticed immediately how firm the car's stance feels while driving and how smooth the car drove and shifted gears. Testing is with no JB4 as I had to take that off for a visit. But the car feels so much easier to control, and the power on stock felt beefy compared to the previous software. Dare I say it felt like a different car??? Anyhow, this is just my first impression after driving it a few hundred miles on no tune and just a software upgrade.

Fast forward to today, 19 Jul 21. I drove the car a good bit before work on the way to grab some coffee as I wanted to test the car's balance with a new rear sway bar. I want to say this investment is well worth it. It took 1 hour to install, using a lift and making sure my 4-year-old didn't run into the street.

Altogether, it was four bolts and two nuts. The bar itself was tricky to remove once unbolted. The driver-side control arm needed raised an inch to slide the bar out.

I hope this is informative.


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