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Originally Posted by AzM750
What map are you going to run map 6? Iím pretty experienced with this ECU and non tu setup. If you are looking to put in some work on the streets you will want to get a real flash from heatsync-performance euro, along with the jb4 stacked. Without getting into detail too much the jb4 is simply better off left in map 2 until then. I ran 23k miles on a super aggressive tune in a 2011 750i and ran a personal best on 11.89 and a consistent 11.95-12.00 any day of the week at any red light on dragy. But there are plenty of customers who simply got some stage 1 flash or some jb4 and ********* and have blown engines. A remap of this engine from a legit place will ensure you lay the smack down and itís lasts. I believe I had the fastest 7 series non tu RWD car in existence you can always text me if you got questions 346-219-3863 as there is way more to this and I could help you way more in depthÖ Iím

Thanks AzM750 ...i'll definitely hit you up when i have more ? ...
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