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Default 06-01-2021, 06:29 AM

Originally Posted by zse8h

I am sorry I have not returned your questions sooner. I do not have "draggy" and I am also still breaking in my car (only 500 miles on it so far) so I cant provide any real data at the moment, yes, I know how that sounds. Nor have I tried to launch.

I have not taken the car of 4k RPMS but when I do I am sure it will be fantastic.

I will say if I switch the JB4 to map 0 and then back to map 2 the driving experience is outstanding. TQ and power are just there.

I also upgraded to the V7 and hooked up the OBD2 cable for monitoring. I will say V7 is much more smooth over the code that came with the JB4.

I have not had any engine codes associated with the install of JB4 nor any other concerns after installation.

More to come but I hope this helps. Also, I was very pessimistic putting a tune on a brand new car but I after the install I am glad I did.

Appreciate the response Zach. Sounds like a worthwhile addition. I'm thinking it is now time for me to go ahead and get a JB4 for my '21 M50i, have been holding off. Keep us informed on your results and progress. I will post feedback when I am up and running with this tuner. Fun stuff! Scott
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