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Originally Posted by Tsukasa
Hi !! Im about to install a jb4 on my friend bmw m850i 2020 and i read somewhere that for the basic installation i juste need to install two of the connector to the intercoolers and the one that go to the obd2.

On the site they installation is showed on what seems like a older version of this engines. Is there a walk-through for the newer version ?

And we dont need to remove the power from the battery when installing the units ?
This is G-series, not F-series.

The connectors are on the intercoolers in a similar place to the older models (see attachment). On the drivers side you need to remove the cross brace and the airbox lid. If you have big hands you may need to pull the whole box. The passengers side sensor is on the front of the intercooler near the bottom and can be accessed without removing anything.

Its always a good idea to disconnect the battery, but I don't know how much it really does. These cars have 2 batteries. One in the trunk and one under the passengers side cowl. Disconnecting both screws with the adaptations and memory features, so its really not something I'd suggest doing.
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