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Originally Posted by DCFS222!
Mike Levy - I have driven in a 2021 m550i with ********* and the JB4 and I would have to say, whether it was just from the *********, or both, the car was considerably faster than my 2021 M550i. I was very impressed.

I see you're waiting on EWG harness, is that to achieve more power with running your E25/30? Also I don't see the EWG harness available for our engines?

Since we're limited on our 2021 m550s, I too would like to hear what Terry has to say about making more power.
I dunno. I haven't driven one with the JB4 yet. All I can do is report what people have told me.

The EWG harnesses are because on the later cars the wastegate connectors are upside down, so we can't plug them in. The harnesses will flip them. They haven't been released yet. The N63TU3 can run up to E25 from the factory.

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