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Originally Posted by Mike_L
This is actually G series, but I'd like to hear from Terry on this also. I've heard a few people with the N63TU3, 5, 8, and X series, saying that the gains were very underwhelming, which I donít like hearing when they bought off my recommendation. Thinking the TU2/R firmware may not be optimized for the TU3.

I haven't installed my JB4 yet, waiting for the EWG harnesses, but considering how much the stock TU3 seems to like ethanol (I'm on my second tank of E25), E25/30 could really wake the motor up with a custom Map or firmware.
Mike Levy - I have driven in a 2021 m550i with ********* and the JB4 and I would have to say, whether it was just from the *********, or both, the car was considerably faster than my 2021 M550i. I was very impressed.

I see you're waiting on EWG harness, is that to achieve more power with running your E25/30? Also I don't see the EWG harness available for our engines?

Since we're limited on our 2021 m550s, I too would like to hear what Terry has to say about making more power.
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