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Hi Terry. Unfortunately I am still having some issues after removing old firmware and installing the hex file posted above. I have a few questions that might get to the bottom of it. My car 2018 M550 is back at the shop today to check the JB4 cables:
1) should all gauges be working in the App? Currently only Map 1 and Boost gauges work and move with acceleration. Other Maps are not working and all other gauges show zeros
2) after connecting to the app and then starting the car, I receive a drivetrain error on the car display. The kit seems to be connected since I can feel and hear a difference but I have no way of visually confirming it with the app
3) I recorded a log which I can send in case it will help you. Just let me know how I can send to you
4) I mentioned in a previous post, that I had a local shop install the kit and we ran a dyno pre and post installation and it showed and increase of 50hp and 50torque using Map 1. Other maps didn’t add performance
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