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Default M4 coupe (assume stock older) vs F33 - 05-09-2018, 09:15 AM

He saw me leaving the shopping center probably that my bloated heavy convertible 435i was easy pickings.

He's about a football field away I was going 45, he was directly behind me. I watch as he blasts past 2 cars and i see him coming on fast, he cut the distance in half before I drop it into second and just mash through 3 gears, by the time it was over he was back where he started about a football field away. I by no means roasted him but i definitely pulled away.

I left off around 100ish and he attempts the old fly by but gets held up in traffic.

Kind of sad we were going opposite directions. My way was a 4 lane highway his way was a 2 lane. I was hoping he would bite. Would of been nice to have a real stab at it, but he was definitely leaning over looking as we parted ways at the light.

Of course mod for mod hell roast me but let me have my day :D

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