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Default 12-22-2021, 12:46 PM

Got it installed couple days ago, logs sent and checked by Terry. Had some issues with install, ended up needing to trim some tabs on the connector to make it work (thanks to Terry for answering my email so quick and working with me late into the night, put my kids to bed, started installing the JB4, had issues when I started the car up and Terry responded before I could even contemplate taking everything off back to stock for the night). Car feels good, and logs looked good to Terry. Still some hiccups with the JB4, car starter doesn't currently work, not sure if map 2 is up and running well, no auto tune map etc yet. Anyone that is looking to eek some more performance out of these great cars and would like to help support the JB4 for our platform should pick one up. From my internet searching the CT5s have the "global b" network like the C8, so we probably won't get any tune support for the foreseeable future.

On winter tires, 94 octane map 1, went from 4.9/5.1 0-100km/h stock(0-62mph) to 4.6 0-100 based on the gauge cluster's 0-100 timer. Don't have a dragy or a dyno so that's my only gauge on proof of performance improvement aside from how it feels.

I'd post a log for people to look at but don't have any idea on how to do it.
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