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Default opinion on stacking - 07-09-2020, 03:40 PM

so atm I'm is20 uni stage 2, FBO, Gutted (even plastic in the rear), stack JB4 with an E30 mix, no DSG tune is it even worth it? currently on a low boost file since I don't have the DSG tuned and the clutch slips a little ever since I got my Forged FM, 23-24psi/21-22psi at redline ofc it's different depending on weather and stuff. Does anybody have dyno numbers I want to see what some people have put down. I also have some questions whats the highest mix you can do? I heard it's up to e40 but I don't know also I heard with the jb4 you don't need an LPFP or HPFP. I plan on going on a different turbo so if anyone has dyno numbers with a TPC20, IS38, is38 hybrid anything.
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