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Originally Posted by 05g356mtt
Appreciate the input! Mind taking a look at this log? Pushed it to +5 last night, Ign dipped to 2 at 3000ish, but went back up. Is it normal to dip that low?
Your timing is pretty low the entire pull, but that's likely due to the boost you're running. My hunch is that right at 5900 might be a hint of knock. It isn't a serious drop like we normally see, but there shouldn't be a timing drop that high in the rpm range. I'm actually surprised its not worse given the amount of boost youre running with no meth.

Originally Posted by V@pors
Thanks for your input. I did some runs at moderate throttle and have attached a file for your review. I have also attached a pic of my Map 6 settings. I may not be understanding something, but I am not sure how I could be commanding too much boost too early since I don't even add any boost until 3,000 RPM. Anyway, if you graph the .csv file, you can see how the RPM seems to increase sporadically, which shows what I am talking about.

Also, in researching this, I found that my Future Use D, Bit 7 was turned on. I don't recall turning it on. Does it default to "on" with update to the new firmware version? Also, what should the "default" setting be? Mine was somehow set at "129." I turned Bit 7 off for this run for which I attached the .csv file. Thanks.
No idea on the bit 7 being 129 thats wierd. I dont think I had mine on. Only thing I use is the fuel wires enabled bit and meth bits. As far as the log, yes I see the rpm "stair step", that is odd. You running 93? It almost looks like its spark breaking up, like you need to do plugs. When's the last time you've done basic maintenance like air filters and put some fuel system cleaner in it?
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