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Default What needs to be done for a Daily Driven N54 Single Turbo 850whp - 10-10-2017, 01:35 AM

I know nothing about engines ok nothing is exaggerating but I recently got into this car building scene cuz I have nothing better to do with my time as a 19 year old high school dropout who works online xd

OK SO, basically I got my pure stage 2 turbos yesterday and their going to get installed once my inlets and outlets n fuel pump get here but know I am already looking at precision turbos n how much power a single turbo makes and I'm guessing these engines that are making 700+whp aren't on stock internals, so I was thinking about buying one of these:

because I plan on keeping my 335i for a while and even if anything happens I'm going to stick with the n54 motor so I am going to buy an engine on the side to build and have ready to go in when my n54 blows. My 2007 335i engine has 72k miles on it right now. If I wanted to build an engine from scratch, Id be paying someone and labour would be extensive, so I am just wondering what id need
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