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Default 09-04-2015, 06:14 AM

This is the log you posted. Virtually every cylinder is recovering at different rate, 6 degree gaps on some and they don't level out until 6k RPM. That's not post shift timing corrections? I don't think BuraQ was arguing that having a timing cut that last <0.1 second is abnormal but rather all your cylinder raw timings are doing something different post shift. Simply log Cyl 2-6 corrections. Even though you won't be able to compare it at the same time/same log as raw, you should see if there are any post shift corrections. If it shows corrections then there is work to do. If not, then the lag is a data lag and not a tuning issue.

The other thing is that JB4 logs do not show negative values. So timing will only be 0 at its lowest. This is why corrections are reported as a positive value as well. So if you were combing through JB4 logs looking at timing cut at shift, JB4 will never below zero even though it could be still actually be a few degrees retarded. Just a limitation of how it logs.

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