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Exclamation Odd issue with JB4 USB-PC and App not showing parameters / canít read codes - 06-17-2021, 06:05 AM

I have a G30 with N63R installed a JB4 with OBD connector and Bluetooth kit in october
All was well until the late April early May the JB4 connect app was updated via the iOS app store, I checked out the app for what was new but couldn’t see any parameters, like RPMS / temperatures / trims / AFR, only map was showing, and also can’t read codes.

I did not have time to troubleshoot thinking this was an app issue and I had no other issues with the car or JB4,

the app was updated again June 3rd, but this didn’t solve the issue.

Via Bluetooth - I am able to change maps and flash firmware, but if I try to log all parameters are 0, nothing else shows up, only map #

To troubleshoot the issue:

Flash same firmware – no change
Replaced the OBD connecter with another - no change
I connected the JB4 via USB and PC app and still can’t see any parameters, but i am able to flash firmware

So very odd issue of the car not logging via USB or app, but I’m able to change maps and flash firmware.

Any help would be much appreciated

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