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Originally Posted by Terix
So I've been doing a lot of testing and monitoring over the past week. To start, I don't think the O2 sensors are a problem. I monitored them and their voltages under multiple conditions and they are behaving normal. They have a proper oscilations and the voltages match up to what a new one would rate at.

I've cleaned the MAF and TMAP sensors, both looked good though. I checked various clamps and fittings at the chargepipe, FMIC, and intake areas. All of them were good and I didn't notice a vacuum leak anywhere from what I could tell. I may get a smoke test done regardless just to be 100% sure.

I've been testing multiple maps to see variations between them. Yesterday and today I messed around with map 6 (fuel is around E35 right now) as that is something I haven't tested. I got a some small logs yesterday where values were looking better, but today I actually got my longest pull yet and trims/AFR look better than any previous log it seems. I'm not sure if it's because of the meth/E35 or the fact that the longer pull allowed the system to stabilize.

In your opinion, what are optimal values I should be looking for AFR and other things? I've been doing research on the matter and others seem to be in the 12/13 range for AFR. Terry's logging and parameter thread says around 12.5:1 and ignition advance should be dish shaped with a value of 6-8 degrees (which I seem to have). My HPFP is also not crashing under WOT, even with E35.

However, I'm here for any advice I can get. I'm just trying to avoid replacing parts that might not be bad if possible.
your logs are very confusing, you're shifting all over the place.
a proper log is 3000 rpm to 6000 rpm, 3rd gear and 3rd gear only, no shifting. See the attached log for example, my log.

for AFR, it should start 14.7 at 3000 rpm then goes rich to 12.7 at 6000 rpm, if you're running the BMS BEF
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