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Originally Posted by Alexe70
How do I get active control turned off? I can't have the jb4 turned on without killing my battery.
I loaded the same firmware you did (was just using the f series as it was the only thing working with the ob2 at the time) and have experienced the same thing. It will kill the battery overnight. I doubt we will see a fix anytime as soon besides me and you, there a probably two other E70 n63 jb4 users so not alot of incentive for Burger to jump on it right away.

A good work around is to simply unplug the jb4 ob2 connector when you park. Its a bit of a pain but does the trick and won't kill the battery now. I will be wiring up a switch soon to make it easier and recommend you do the same. Will probably combine it with a pass-through ob2 connector so I don't have to fumble around with the jb4 when connecting a scanner or laptop. I would recommend you do it too.

On the plus side with this new firmware and access to map2, knocked out my best 0-60 to date of 3.9 seconds. It was hitting 17, psi (I have a ESS Stage 1 flash that takes it to about 12psi). Not to bad for a 9 year old 170k mile orginal engine SUV. Making a custom intake now as the stock is a joke so I can take to 24psi or break something trying��. N20 tmaps and meth injection will b installed at th same time to support it.
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