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Originally Posted by GB Cerato
I have fuel control disabled because I dont have the fuel wire installed? is that not correct?

I have read that info about logging parameters 4 or 5 times but some of it confuses me. I understand AF ratios, boost, target but ignition timing still plays with my head.

I just dont know how much timing is a safe number? 8 degrees, 10 degrees and should I be looking at IGN 1 or avg IGN?

If you are using the app to read your logs, it's simple.

What I have shown is AFR, Boost (Stock Boost + JB4), RPM, Throttle, Pedal, Ign Overall (Ign 1), IAT and WMI flow (if enabled).

The only thing worth talking about though is Ign 1 which the average of all four cylinders.

Any negative readings is 0 or no advance. So anything above zero is the PCM advancing the timing. 4-5 degrees advance is normal with pump gas

I see 8-9 degrees under boost and as boost tappers upwards of 11-13 degrees with E30 + WMI.

When you start the car in the morning, during initial start up at high idle the car is doing a fuel quality check. That is why I feel it's important to run at least E20 if E85 pumps are available to you.

You get higher timing at part throttle making the car much faster, faster than it is in Sport mode with pump gas, it is that dramatic.

Max Power pump gas = 216 whp (Map 2)
Max Power E40 = 250 whp (Map 5)

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