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Default 04-21-2015, 07:49 PM

Originally Posted by Curare86
He has banned me from his instagram though after i posted negative comments on his photos.
How do debt collectors work in the states? Can i hire one to sort it out for me?
They buy the debt from you for a reduced cost IE someone owes you $100 and you have given up collecting it on your own. Collector buys that debt from you for... say $30 and then chases the party down adding whatever fee's, interest etc. the state they are incorporated in allows, which usually amounts to the original fee plus some. This of course would require a legally executed contract which I don't believe any of you have.

If you paid with a CC, just call them and file it.

If not, call the local police, explain the situation and go from there.

That or, just post this **** to Reddit and let someone ruin his life.

Or (no violence) buy a plane ticket and knock on his door. Face to face interactions can really alter a persons state of mind.

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