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Default 12-20-2010, 12:21 PM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
If you press F1 it will connect and start logging. But making a few changes now there so let's hear any ideas.

One change is after uploading firmware it will say "upload complete" and not just jump in to logging as it does now. I've had a few customers email "I just uploaded the firmware, what does charting 5000/5000 mean?".... It means the firmware uploaded, it started logging, and 8 minutes later it stopped logging as the buffer filled up.
I would like to see:

F1 Start Log
F2 Stop Log
F3 Connect (or f11)
F4 Disconnect (or f12)

Its hard for me to locate other F keys when its dark, so leaving logging at the easiest (f1/f2) seems logical. I do like the scale input, but how about making a zoomable feature on the log window with a cursor to display current value where cursor is.
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