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Default 08-21-2018, 12:12 PM

Just got back from another dyno session. Overall, very pleased with the results. Backed up on routine work so I'll keep this short and to the point.

Test setup is our 2018 Stinger GT w/ ~1300 miles on the clock. Mods are JB4 with fuel control wires, v4 firmware, prototype BMS intake (details to follow in another post), and prototype BMS BOV (basically, just a good looking noise maker -- no effect on power). Temps around 75F.

For starters I did a few runs on straight 91 RM2 octane. e.g. low grade fuel. I found that map2 actually worked pretty well with 91 octane, at least under these conditions, and was pleased to hit a best of 416whp.

Name:  stinger_jb4_91octane_dyno.jpg
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Next I added in around 2 gallons of E85 to the 5 gallons of 91 I had in the tank. Getting to around an E30 mixture of 91 octane and E85. Best result here was produced on map3 at 434whp & 520wtq.

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After that I went down the rabbit hole of various changes. Using some new logic I added to the JB4 recently I tried adding timing, taking away timing, various fuel profiles, various boost profiles, etc. The best result of my efforts wound up being 441whp and 518wtq using map5. But I did learn a few things about the platform in the process so it was all time well spent.

Name:  stinger_jb4_E30_dyno(b).jpg
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Some quick notes:

1) I've come up with revised fuel curve settings for the v4 firmware which I'll add to the JB4 setup post shortly.
2) The extra JB4 timing control logic didn't do much for us. Rather than release it now I'm going to keep it in our back pocket for larger turbo use, or when the need comes up.
3) It was interesting to note that map3 performed really well. I think I'd suggest most using E30 to run map3, while most running pump fuels to use map2. And we'll reserve map1 for the really bad fuel, stock spark plug, no fuel wires installed crowd.
4) I took a video of one of the random map3 runs above before I adjusted the air/fuel ratios. You can see the gauges I'm looking at though when tuning, and then after each run I chart the run in my phone to look for trends/problem areas.

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