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First test car is a 2017 Red Sport running 91 octane fuel + a can of Lucas octane booster to simulate 93 octane. Weather was a factor today with dyno room temps around 100 degrees! Something to keep in mind when evaluating the results. Generally speaking the cooler the better.

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On pump gas the car made a best of ~374whp & ~397whp factory stock. Actually more than I expected from the platform, even a little stronger than the latest BMW 340i which is an impressive platform itself.

Using the BMS Stage1 to add 3psi to the factory curve (the default setting) resulted in ~395whp and ~429wtq. Decent gains. We also tested 4psi which jumped power up to ~405whp and ~454wtq.

What's become apparent with the Red Sport is the little turbos are simply not able to produce much more boost up top, but there is plenty of room down low to boost torque.

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After the pump gas testing we decided to add in a few gallons of E85 to evaluate the effect. Unfortunately by this point the car was also very well heat-soaked making the top end boost limitations even more apparent. Still, managed to crank it up to ~404whp and ~486whp. I'm confident on a cooler day power would be up north of 415whp.

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