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Saga continues... again MPPSK 440 with Shell 93 octane

I have been fighting "smoothness" and predictability... In other words sometimes the car runs like a champ (relative) and other times like a stuttering mess (normal driving no issues - mostly hard accel or WOT is the issue)...

I also have noticed that my Sport Gauges no longer would hit my peaks as I once had (pre JB4).. 370HP and 375TQ (about)... Its clear when I hit my previous peaks on these gauges the car pulls... when not such as 300 peak HP 320tq peak the peak bounces around - its a stuttering mess and doesnt pull at all near stock...

The logs unfortunately dont tell much either how the car is driving or performing... Logs look fairly good...but dont tell the truth unfortunately.. As you can see FOL at 60 looks decent - but its a stuttering mess actually..

I decided to revert back FOL to 0 and the car is running MUCH smoother under normal driving conditions (partial to before WOT)... At WOT its still unpredictable but much much better - and the car pulls like a rocket now... Its almost as if FOL at 60 is either not giving it enough fuel or too much.. (im no expert)... But overall FOL at 0 the car is running better throughout the RPM range under most driving conditions.

One other point - with FOL at 60 pops and crackles (MPPSK exhaust) was at a minimum - Now they are back with a vengeance...

Why all this?

So.... I need some insight from the experts in the community.. I figured I would share these findings in the open community to hopefully help in tuning MPPSK cars...

I am playing now with map 3 and will do the same (fol 0) and report back... I have a concern about the amount of boost now... Its now averaging almost 17 and peak at 21 - from watching the real time gauges! Is this safe?

I will be ordering the EWG wires to run fixed Boost - however, I think the community would love to be able to get a stable map without all the extra wires.

Maybe we need a MPPSK map...

thanks again for all the help the community has given..
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