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Probably a good time for me to jump back in given the talk of lowering 'load' and my previous post(s). Haven't been around for a while as the car's been garaged for winter (since Oct), with no plans to get it back on the road until April - Winter here is damp, cold and wet so driving a ~500 rear wheel drive car is no fun!

Also, A (Stoolz), apologies for not coming back to you...... sit down - we leave for another holiday tomorrow! Once back though, the car will be taxed etc and it'll be time to start having some fun

Jay - good to know the car's going well

A few things probably worth adding - my car is still set up as per the post on the 3rd page of this thread and if you search some of my previous posts you will find further references to changing the load in BEFs and other changes I made.

For reference, I'm DCT and run map 7 as DD with map 6 at 25psi for when I need a little more without any issues. I'm not quite in the same position as most on here as I'm still using my own BEF flashed via COBB but do have plans to switch to MHD, although as the car runs great, it's not something I'll do quickly.

The car's been like this for around a year and has covered around 4 to 5K on map 7 and nearly 1K on map 6 and is still going strong.

A few things I am aware of -

* Every car is different! If you are DCT, the load values I use may not work for you - I'm fortunate in that I can dial out the misfires and stop the clutch slipping - you'll need to experiment and can hopefully find a balance. Don't just think you can change the load though and that all will be good - it impacts other things and you may need to make changes. Grab a log and adjust as required. As I put earlier, I use my own BEF which has quite a few changes compared to the old BMS or FuelIT flashes.
* If you lower load, as Terry mentioned, remember the internal torque limiter - too low on the load and too high on the power and you'll have problems. A - I read your posts in the support forum and was wondering if this was what you experienced?
* At higher boost the car is much more sensitive to 'other' changes, for example, we have as much as a 30 degree temp swing summer to winter and I have to use a different BEF depending on the climate.

Lastly, I don't run the stock DCT flash. From my testing there's not much to be gained by using 'other' flashes - maybe 1 or 2 extras PSI without slip but, from over 10 different options I've tried, I can't find anything that helps with the torque limiter. If you do decide to 'experiment', remember that, using default settings in WinKFP, you can only flash a limited number of times. If you plan on flashing a few times it's probably worth changing the settings so the 'flash count' is not impacted.

You can find more info on this thread and post #57 will give you a summary of options. Don't go doing this though unless you're 200% sure you know what you're doing.

For reference, I'm running 8606074.

As I put in the post earlier, what would be great is if we could find a way to control all the things influenced by 'load' independently

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