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Default Famoso 12/12/15 Results. - 12-12-2015, 08:55 PM

Hey guys,

Had a lot of fun at the track today. Per usual I'm exhausted so I'll keep it short and sweet.

1) To say the organization of this thing was poor is putting it lightly. I spent most of the day waiting in various lines. 30 min to get in to the track, 30 min to get a run card, waiting for tech, then an hour or two between each run. Combine that with 4hrs of driving to get there and back it was a long day to make 4 passes.

2) I raced our MOTIV 750 135i and it ran pretty great. Weather was awesome for a socal track, temps in the 50s, but track prep was just OK.

Mods: JB4, Port Injection, 100% E85, MOTIV 750 kit, 3.15 gears, lvl10 trans, BMS OCC, and lots of weight reduction and other minor modifications.

My first run launching in 2nd gear with a 17psi limit I had to abort as it got sideways around 50mph.

Second run it broke traction enough for me to have to get off the gas for a moment, but having waited 2 hrs for the run I decided to drive out of it, and managed a new N54 WR 140mph running only 28psi! Might even be a record for factory turbo BMWs? Not sure on that. But was very happy to finally break 140mph with the car.

Third run I decided to launch a bit harder and raised boost to 30psi. It left OK but misfired a bit before the cones, and the lvl10 trans started slipping on the 3->4, managed only 10.7@137. This might be a new N54 ET record. I'll have to check that.

My last run I cranked boost up to 32psi but trans slipped even worse, it misfired at the top of 4th again, and again ran only 137mph.

The slips and a couple logs below.

3) "allmotor_2000" killed it with a new F series platform record of 10.1@139 with his M5. Details on that here:

4) Ando@BMS managed a best of ~11.4@129 with our development M4. I think that's a trap speed record for OEM turbos and OEM ***. Might be an ET record too.

5) Jon@BMS was on stock tires with our development M5, spinning all over the place, but still managed to run a best of 133mph traps at 26psi. Another record for OEM turbos, OEM ***.

6) Jason@BMS was racing our 2011 135i N55, which has been running well for months, but today again decided it won't run over 20psi without misfiring. At 20psi it managed ~124mph traps which is respectable for the car. I don't think Jason was able to get a clean launch in though. 60' times in the 2.5 range. =/

7) Drew had some trans problems but ran around 135mph, Longboarder was TKOd by a trans issue on his first pass, and EricC63 managed a very nice ~10.6@139 with his SpecialtyZ tuned GTR. There was even a Warren (hotrod) sighting but he was just spectating today. We really need to get him back in to a turbo BMW.

Video of the 140mph pass:

Video of allmotor_2000 running 10.1@139 in his JB4 & PURE Turbo powered M5:

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