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Default 07-03-2015, 08:43 AM

I installed the BCM's this morning - took about 60 mins. Biggest pain was I lost one of the IC coolent hoses pin (fell down somewhere) and took about 10 mins to find. Overall quite an easy job.

The BCM kit - all loomed up and ready to go:

Remove the charge pipe hose and the screw (only one) mounting the IC:

Need to loosen/remove some of the sensors to the IC, and then loosen the clamp to the throttle-body hose (hard to see here, but its there):

Then move the IC unit (pull-up and then left) - this exposes the two solenoid controllers and the wire-harness:

Next is to wire it to the JB4, do some logging and then some tuning!!!

Oh Yeah - you drop a reasonable amount of coolant, so fill that back up (resevoir on the pass side next to the ECU's):

Thanks Terry!!
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