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Default 5862 vs. 6465 Dyno - 08-11-2014, 12:48 PM

Hey guys,

Was able to hit up the dyno this AM to see how the 6465 is doing. Overall I wound up a bit disappointed with it.

I kept the fuel, weather, car, etc, similar to to the previous 5862 dyno with the only change being the turbo and boost profile. That means race gas, single CM10 nozzle, cutout open. Same ST back end flash.

With the 5862 maxed out running 12psi WG springs it was able to make 28psi tapering to around 25psi at redline. With the 6465 maxed out running 15psi WG springs I was only able to make 29psi tapering to around 27psi at redline. I was expecting to at least be able to hold 30psi to redline.

I did some basic diagnostics on the dyno to verify the MAC solenoid was operating properly, tested with the filter off to eliminate a possible restriction (more on that later), tried higher and lower advance curves, tried different AFR profiles, etc, and basically none of it improved the situation. Granted these runs are being done in 4th gear on an automatic which is fairly short as you can see in the log. Still it should be able to hold more boost. I'll continue working on it. Now I'm starting to wonder if the 5862 with a 15 or 17psi spring would produce the same power with less lag.

During one of the filter off runs the turbo somehow managed to suck in the WG wiring and ate around 5" of it. lol. I didn't see any physical damage and power was not effected on subsequent runs. So it's probably all chopped in the intercooler. Will have to go hunting around for it. Thank god this is an eBay motor.
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