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Here was Terry's post from BB.

Originally Posted by Terry@BMS
Hey guys,

Was able to swing by a private track for a handful of VBOX passes. I did two passes stock and one pass with alpha tuning in place -- just to see where we are at. All runs were done on E20 fuel, temps in the mid 60s. Boost on the OEM runs hit around 17psi, and around 23psi on the tuned runs. Note I didn't launch hard for any of the runs as the car only has 250 miles so the ETs are garbage. Traps are telling though. The files are posted via the site which averages the last 60' of the run like a real track would.

Net result was ~118mph stock and ~124mph tuned. The funny thing is the tuned run would have been faster had it not been for DTC kicking in after each shift. With some more massaging I think 127mph 100% stock with E85 will be possible.
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