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Default 135i BMS FFTEC Single Turbo Dyno Testing - 01-30-2014, 02:59 PM

Hey guys,

Been racking up miles on the 135i and fixing little things. And finally had a chance to get to the dyno today for some baseline testing. As I've mentioned in the other thread I've been VERY pleased with the FFTEC twin scroll top mount 5862 kit. On road performance and spool is much better than any other combinations I've driven.

Testing details:

2008 135i Steptronic (original trans, for now)
JB4 single turbo firmware & supporting flash
FFTEC 5862 top mount single turbo
BigTom intercooler, BMS OCC, BMS stat, etc
Walbro 255 inline fuel pump mod
Factory exhaust system (did not bother to open cutout)
~E30 mix for for 17psi runs. For 20psi+ runs enabled meth kit for fueling using a single CM10 nozzle.

1) Was not going after any power records so left the tuning very conservative all around. At the same boost levels there is easily another 15hp in this setup with more advance. And no reason this turbo can't be cranked up to 28psi when the trans is ready.
2) It made a lot more power than I was expecting. It's basically on pace with the 6466 at these lower boost levels only with much better spool.
3) If the trans would shift this car would be seriously quick. I'll get to work on that ASAP.

Video of one of the 23psi runs:
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