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This is the central post for all information related to the E series N54 G5 ISO firmware!

Please note that for any logs, bugs, concerns, problem reports, codes, etc, create a thread in the support section. Requests for assistance in this thread will be deleted without being read.

General Notes:

1) Posts to this thread that contain bug reports, logs, or tuning questions will be deleted without being read. If you need assistance post to the support forum.
2) G5 board must have diodes removed as shown in the photo below to run this firmware. BMS started shipping all boards as ISO early 2014. We've removed the diode photo to avoid confusion but if your firmware date is 10/1/12 before updating you need to cut them off before uploading ISO firmware. Click this link for the photo.
3) For a more in depth discussion on methanol settings and how to use map 3 without methanol read here.
4) Some addl info on custom tuning the JB4 boost control..
5) If using a 3.5bar TMAP sensor set "TMAP" to 1 and if using a 4bar TMAP sensor set "TMAP" to 2.

Originally Posted by FutureUseD and other settings

************************************************** ************************
*Meth Safety Mode All Versions
************************************************** ************************

0 - Raise boost on map3 as a function of meth flow & historic timing (default)
1 - Raise boost on map3 as a function of meth flow only
2 - Start at normal target and failsafe IF flow drops below flow level for 1 second under boost. Enabled for all maps.
3 - When on map3 meth flow is completely ignored. Useful for using map3 as an adjustable non-meth map.
4 - Run a progressive meth safety on all maps

************************************************** ************************
*Meth Trigger Mode All Versions
************************************************** ************************

0 - Meth flows on maps 3, 6, and 7 (default operation)
1 - Meth flows on all maps
2 - Meth flows on map 3 only
3 - Meth is disabled on all maps

************************************************** ************************
*N54 Twin Turbo Firmware v32.6+
************************************************** ************************

Options (formerly FutureUseD):
bit0 - Disable steering wheel controls.
bit1 - Disable wastegate adaption.
bit2 - Use water temp in place of oil temp for warm up safety.
bit3 - Disable open loop fuel learning.
bit4 - Enable meth input Aquamist algorithm where 0-100% flow = .5v - 4.5v input.
bit5 - Show bank2 fuel trims under timingAVG.
bit6 - Disable FF RPM gain so duty bias RPM gain can be manually set more precisely.
bit7 - Alternative anti-rattle algorithm

0-50 - Lock in a differential between DME target and ECU PSI to reduce the throttle safety. 0 = default operation. 26 units per PSI. e.g. a value of 26 would dampen throttle safety an addl psi. This value will also reduce effective load reported back to the DME by that amount. For diagnostic purposes only.

51 - Output clutch position under low fuel pressure. For troubleshooting NLS.
52 - Alternative E85 cold start / cranking fuel algorithm
54 - Output 2STEP output PID under low fuel pressure.
55 - Fueling applied as a function of actual boost rather than delta over stock target. Useful for 335is models using E85 without a back end flash map.
56 - Output road speed instead of low fuel pressure.
57 - Output 4BAR learned adaption value instead of low fuel pressure.
58 - Change DB25#2 from methanol output to E85 analyzer input.
59 - Output unfiltered virtual sensor output under low fuel pressure

1st/2nd/3rd gear traction control. When enabled, hold volume up or channel down if you need to disable (for doing a burn out, etc).

Download using the new internal firmware database within JB4 Mobile or externally by clicking this link.

G5_ISO_32_15 BETA

1) Adjusted CANbus to take select channels via passive CANbus rather than active. The passive channels include RPM, pedal, clutch position (for manuals), and brake position. The change allows for faster sampling of those channels and frees up CANbus bandwidth for some new active channels we'll be adding soon. In addition these channels will be logged even if active CANbus is disabled.
2) As part of this change manual transmission vehicles using the NLS relay no longer need the JB4 clutch wire installed. It does not need to be removed but in the future won't need to be installed. We will be updating our site to reflect the change.
3) As part of this change we've opened up an additional analog input which can be used by customers running WMI, PI, and flex fuel or for additional sensor inputs such as exhaust back pressure or EGT. Email us for details on how to set it up.


1) Further integrated rolling anti-lag and 2STEP operation. By default both systems are independent. 2STEP is active from a stop and anti-lag is active (via volume down or brake pedal) from a rolling start. To enable the integration turn on WMI/Ethanol bit3 (mislabeled "DTML WMI Input"). Once enabled anti-lag will kick on when running 2STEP and 2STEP will kick on during rolling anti-lag. Note latest BEF maps have anti-lag timing (under IAT tables) set to -36 degrees. If you're not using one of our files make sure your flash tuner customizes your file for this change for optimal anti-lag performance. Note** manuals must have auto shift reduction set to 0 for NLS to function.
T11) Fixed issue with E85 reading not showing properly when using MHD back end flash flex fuel integration, enabled on WMI page bit2 on for DTML Flex Input.


1) Adjusted boost safety system so that boost safety for map4 (stock boost profile) change over is 3psi over map target OR 1psi before sensor runs out of range. Whichever is lower. The user adjustment boost safety setting is now used only for in dash boost gauge calibration. Boost safety won't trigger unless boost is at least 15psi.
2) Fixed another bug in the 2STEP logic. Seemed to be working much better on our development car. Let me know!
3) Changes to try to fix bug with some logging channels like IAT or oil temp dropping out. Adjustment to boost safety so it won't trigger unless boost is at least 15psi.
4) Added back map8 for valet/no boost mode. Note if NOT equipped with a BEF you may get a "boost below target" false alarm fault code when running map8.
T9) Put back trans temperature logging
T10) For those with the 2STEP & Anti-LAG wiring installed, they are now integrated, for much louder 2STEPing fun.

See "JB4_N54_NOTES.TXT" below for details on previous firmware updates. Latest update always contains all previous changes.

For those running single turbo retrofit systems refer to these special notes on how to configure the JB4 for single turbo use.

For those running larger hybrid turbo systems refer to these special notes on how to configure the JB4 for larger hybrid turbo systems.

Anti-LAG feature discussion and details here:

***DO NOT UPLOAD FIRMWARE UNTIL YOU READ THIS *** ForAll Duty Bias must be set to 0 or 50 to avoid 30FF under boost codes. 3rd gear boost limiting should also be set to 0 to disable. Menu4 in dash should be set to 3 for a factory flashed car or 2 for a back end flashed car. Failure to follow these directions will result in poor performance and 30FF or 30FE fault codes.***
How to update firmware:

For firmware updates if having issues we suggest you turn off WiFi, change upload timeout to 25, and set your phone next to JB4 box under the hood.

Download firmware using the new JB4 Mobile firmware database or externally by clicking this link.

Copyright Notice:
JB4 Software is Copyright 2006-2016 by Burger Motorsports Incorporated. All rights are reserved. De-compilation, disassembly, reverse-engineering, alteration, and redistribution in any form without the prior written consent of Burger Motorsports Inc. is prohibited.

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