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TheMarmelow 08-18-2020 03:11 PM

2018 Accord 1.5 Speed Limit
Hi, Iíve been running Map 2 for a good time now. Everything is stock but soon iíll be upgrading intake and maybe ********. Is it still recommenced or not dangerous for the car with only using 91 from Chevron?
Also, the main question: How can I unlock the speedlimit of the car? Itís 120mph, is there any chance you can do it from the Chip itself or you have to dynno?
Is there any place where I can learn more stuff about the configurations you can do with the chip, like a guide explaining how much boost you can put and stuff like that?

Terry @ BMS 08-18-2020 05:47 PM

We don't offer a speed limiter removal on the JB4 for this platform, so flashing is the only way to do that. An with that comes all the headaches with flashing like being flagged.

I'd keep boost reasonable on 91 octane. Map2 should be good. Intake is fine, DP I'd pass on, they are illegal in the USA.

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