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Riceball777 06-14-2018 01:46 AM

HELP. my car has been having problems
my setup is in my signature. car has 125,000 miles but mostly everything on it is new. Its been driving great for the past few years with the purse stage 2 turbos and the jb4 hybrid e85 back end flash. I run 50%91 octand and 50% e85 which comes out to be 44-46% ethanol.

Lately what i drive the car on the freeway the dash speedeo and rpm gage will do the initial startup sweep like as of i'm starting the car but i'm just crusing on the freeway. This has been happening a lot and the car has no power and the throttle has no response. What is wrong??


JuniorB 06-14-2018 03:06 AM

How old is the battery, often when random **** pops up throwing codes that don't coinicide with each other, often lean to a battery that's starting to fail, irratic charge cycles, or low amps. Definely the first place to check.

Payam @ BMS 06-14-2018 08:58 AM

Yes, sounds like battery as well.

Riceball777 06-14-2018 09:47 AM

But I donít have any issues starting the car in the morning

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