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kooney 01-13-2022 03:43 PM

Q50 Limp mode on acceleration ?
soo its been days of me trying to get this JB4 to work. ive had it down to where it drives fine for 50 miles in the morning and then after work on the way home im stuck in limp mode till i unplug the JB4. P0234/36 i believe is the codes. and while watching the JB4 app i can see the boost just max out to 20+ PSI and im in limp mode and then the car shuts off of course. Any one else have similar issues or exact ?

Terry @ BMS 01-13-2022 05:54 PM

Never seen that before. Post a JB4 log on map0.

kooney 01-15-2022 12:11 AM

I will log this weekend and post , thanks

kooney 01-17-2022 08:27 AM

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Here are some logs on Map2 sorry i forgot to log on map zero . but again the car shut off in the drive thru smh. and the boost guage showed psi maxed out and car wouldnt move (Limp mode)

kooney 01-18-2022 03:37 PM

Dielectric grease
soo am i suppose to apply some to the actual pins or just the plastic around ? ive heard this fixes the issue for CEL with the JB4 but dont know how true this is.
Also for user the boost safety , what should that be set at?

kooney 01-19-2022 12:38 PM


Terry @ BMS 01-19-2022 02:35 PM

Sorry for tech support you really need to email us.

I'd guess something is defective here with the JB4 harness. Send it in and we'll test/replace it for you.

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