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lupee431 02-26-2021 02:40 PM

Recommendations for suspension
2015 BMW M3, Sakhir Orange, JB4 tune (map 0, 1 , 2), Charge *****, *********, Akrapovic *******, Steel coiled brakelines, Runs 1/4-1/3 E85 + 93, Larger Intercooler, Larger Heat Exchanger, Padgett (sp?) pads, Brembo GT rotors (front), Stock rotors (rear), Michellin Pilot 4S (cup 2s next).

I've been tracking this car for 3 years once a month (moving to 2 or more times per month). I also use it as a daily driver. I run map2 + sport+, no traction control, all the time with no issues (except for the first week...go figure!). I've been working with a shop in town. German, Italian, British cars only. They know what they're doing. The owner is now my friend and we race together (he has a Ferrari 360).

Also, I'm a S/W guy, not automotive...

I want to discuss the following:
(1) How is the stock suspension for tracking the car?
(2) What parts of the suspension should I upgrade, in what order and what the upgrade will give me?

As far as suspension, being comfortable is not an issue...


First post, glad to be a part of the forum.

tobiroppo 03-04-2021 07:09 PM

Were you able to get a new suspension kit? I got mine from 4WheelOnline but that is for my pickup truck. You should check their selection. They have lots of suspension kits to choose from.

Specktor 05-27-2021 10:48 PM

one mo
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