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N54e60 09-14-2019 02:46 PM

Nasty oil leak
I have an 08 e60 with 67k that has recently developed a nasty oil leak. I was driving along and all of the sudden saw some smoke come out of the back that quickly went away. This continues to happen at random. Everything will be ok for 5-15 minutes and then all of the sudden I’ll smell burned oil and smoke will come out of the back. If it happens at a red light I can see it coming from the front of the engine. Also the front of the engine is soaked in oil to the point that my belt has started to shred today. Prior to this issue I’ve had oil pan, valve cover and ofhg replaced. Since the leak developed I’ve replaced the crank seal, oil housing gasket and o rings going to the oil cooler. I should mention that all of the gaskets have been replaced with oem parts in the last 3 months. The car is full bolt on with upgraded turbos and fueling.

I’m running out of ideas. The smoke only happens when the car is warmed but completely at random

Rushan 09-15-2019 04:09 AM

smoke I believe when oil dripping on the hot ***** ...etc. best to try to clean the oil with degreaser and try to see where it start of, my friend has sudden oil leak and it was a pinhole in one of the oil pipe that goes from the oil cooler housing to the oil cooler.

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