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chadillac2000 08-06-2018 08:12 AM

N54 Single Turbo + PI + E85 Health Check
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Current setup is a ACF Top Mount 6062 ST Kit, Fuel It Stage 3 Bucketed LPFP, Phoenix Racing RACE FMIC, Phoenix Racing PI Manifold, BMS ST E85 TS PI THR BEF.

I had been running the BMS ST pump gas tune for months prior to this because my HPFP was struggling to keep up, but over the past few weeks I installed a fresh HPFP, PI manifold, and a stage 3 LPFP. Now I'm running the BMS ST TS E85 PI THR tune and filled up to E50. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with the car to stretch her legs, but did find a short straight to get a 3rd-4th gear pull in map 2. For what it's worth, the car felt absolutely great during this pull! No hesitation, no misfires, just pulled like a freight train. Pretty impressive for 17psi.

Here's what I see, but would love opinions and "permission" by the pros to turn it up to map 3, and eventually 4:
  • Boost seems to come on strong (noticeably quicker than the pump gas tune) thanks to the DWP set at 80, and stays within a single psi of target for the whole pull -- WGDC stays steady at values under 10 after initial spool.
  • Fuel enrichment and meth both start reading values as boost comes on, indicating the PI is working.
  • HPFP stays above 10, and LPFP barely dips below 70 at any point in the run.
  • Timing in all cylinders looks about as good as I could hope for -- only one singular drop after immediately shifting into 4th gear.

Any input would be appreciated!

treehouse 08-06-2018 11:56 AM

I am no pro at all, but is the slight jumping around of ign 1 vs everything else indicative of a spark plug gap or injector/coil issue on cylinder 1?

PS. I pretty much stalk your build and now this log because you have done basically everything I have planned or want to do!

chadillac2000 08-06-2018 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by treehouse (Post )
I am no pro at all, but is the slight jumping around of ign 1 vs everything else indicative of a spark plug gap or injector/coil issue on cylinder 1?

PS. I pretty much stalk your build and now this log because you have done basically everything I have planned or want to do!

From what I can tell, my ignition 1 (as well as the rest of the cylinders) timing is pretty spot-on in that log. Dish shaped starting at tip in, valleys down to 6 degrees before steadily progressing upwards throughout the RPM band with no drops.

Payam @ BMS 08-06-2018 02:51 PM

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All looks really good to me turn that sucker up!

chadillac2000 08-15-2018 11:28 AM

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Finally resolved my driveshaft issues and found a stretch to test out map 3 on E60 fuel on the new setup. The car felt VERY strong once again, no misfires or hesitations of any kind, except finally got to feel shift bog when going into 4th. Here are my impressions of this log:

- Boost came in bit low at most parts of the run for what should have been a 20psi map. In the logging parameters thread, it states my FF/wastegate adaption might need to be adjusted, so perhaps I need to change that setting.
- Timing looks decently clean with two exceptions: cylinder 5 pulls timing once in 3rd gear (but catches up quickly), and cylinder 4 & 5 one time after shifting into 4th.
- Fuel pressures are the best they've ever been. Fuel enrichment and meth trace are showing that the PI is flowing. All the new parts seem to be working wonders. The only thing I've noticed is that when I start the car LPFP hovers at 65psi, but after going WOT, it hovers at 75psi until I cut the car off again, and then it returns to 65psi. Any concerns there?
- Trims seem to be in check, and don't even get close to 50 for any parts of the run.
- IAT's are no longer an issue, even during summertime in the south.

Any input would be appreciated as always guys!

Payam @ BMS 08-15-2018 11:35 AM

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Log looks strong to me! LPFP, HPFP looks really good. Trims are where they should be so no worries about it being lean. FF is learning up, after a few more pulls boost will be on target. You can see what FF on map 3 is learned at and with that value add like 5 and you can pre set map 4 etc. That's how I do it to get my maps kinda on that level before perfecting them.

chadillac2000 08-21-2018 08:04 AM

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So after getting the go ahead to progress from map 3 to map 4, it took a few days before the weather dried up and I found enough traffic free real estate to get a nice 3rd-4th gear pull going.

For the record, this pull felt very strong and was misfire free. By far the fastest this car has ever been.

Here are my thoughts after looking over the numbers:
  • Boost is still a touch low for a map targeting 23psi, although it is learning up and the setting is now at 16. I don't go WOT very often, so I assume that will get closer to 23psi the more times I go full throttle.
  • Timing looks pretty clean overall with no major drops, just singular instances in a few of the cylinders across the whole run.
  • On E60 fuel, high pressure & low pressure pumps, as well as port injection look to have plenty of flow and activating when needed.
  • Trims appear to be in check.

This is probably where I'll be stopping the map progression and hang out for a while. The plan is to fine tune map 4, and then head to the dyno to see what she's putting down.

Payam @ BMS 08-21-2018 04:09 PM

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I agree this log looks very good! Once you get the boost on target it will feel even better, you're barely at like 20 psi LOL. Raise FF to 25 and get another log :)

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