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Lucifer 05-25-2021 01:12 AM

I have the BMS WMI universal kit to install in my 2017 C43. Where should the bungs be installed? With the Weistec kit they are in the charge ***** before the intercooler. Is this a good injection point? Will the mist condense back to droplets in the intercooler and not be as efficient as mist? The is no room on the stock intercooler and the sensor is so close past the intercooler. Has BMS done a C43 set up? Please recommend best injection point for C43 WMI. I will be doing dual injectors. I have ordered the BM5 injectors, I hope they are correct ones. Will be running 50/50 water/methanol, is that what is recommended for the FSB WMI? Sorry very new to WMI and want to give my mechanic as much info as I can. They have mainly done C63S and A45S.

Payam @ BMS 05-25-2021 10:08 AM

We have a few customers who have done customer methanol setups. We're working on a CP/kit that will be released soon as well.

Anyways, the dual BM5s are perfect so you can start and install those on the chargepipes and get a log on map 7 for us.

Start with these WMI settings:
Boost additive: 40
Signal scaling: 60
Min flow boost: 8psi

Lucifer 05-25-2021 02:05 PM

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have purchased 2 Snow performance aluminium bungs and was planning to install them on the charge ***** similar to the Weistec kit. Just wanted to make sure this was effective, as some articles were saying it should be post intercooler. Some were saying methanol is harmful to aluminium? Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?
I have my car booked in with my mechanic for the WMI install for 7th June so will do logs after and post to you.

Lucifer 05-27-2021 04:08 PM

Payam, is there a setting I can use to have WMI on map 2? Our Aussie highest octane is equivalent to US 92.5
The bungs install on CP should it be similar to what Weistec have done? In middle of CP or closer to IC? Any chance of getting your prototype CP expedited to me?

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 05-28-2021 10:24 AM

Set meth trigger to 1 for meth to flow on all maps.

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