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Felo 06-22-2021 03:25 PM

What are these codes?? Help!
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Got a CEL on my '19 C63s yesterday and it's become undriveable.

Was running map 2 for the past few months with no issues until this.

Can anyone tell me what the issue is?

Thanks in advance

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 06-23-2021 11:01 AM

Without a description, I'm not sure. :shrug

Have you cleared them to see if they return? could have been a fluke.

Felo 06-26-2021 06:16 PM

After scanning the car for faults, my mechanic and I determined the cause is this was from the JB4. After removing it, the car stopped misfiring and the CEL was gone.

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 06-28-2021 02:12 PM

Odd...I'd recommend reaching out to support@burgertuning.com for individual technical support on it.

Terry @ BMS 06-28-2021 02:46 PM

When emailing in also let us know how it was installed. The old way had 4x MAP sensor connections, while the new style only uses 2x MAP sensor connections.

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