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luchocamp 07-11-2020 04:57 AM

BMW M4 results / $$$ ..next upgrade ?
Very happy to share the modifications that I have been making to my bmw m4 and its results.

BMC Air Filter $155
Ram Air Scoop $60
BMS Chargepipes $180
VRSF dp $500
JB4 + BLuetooth $720
BM3 ( the car had a BM3 license from the previous owner )
BMS WMI (2 jets & 3 gallon F series) $655
Crankhub Vargas $800

I personally do not like to be rewriting my dme every time I change fuel, with JB4 I have already recorded some settings in map 6 for gasoline 89 octane, 91, octane, 93 octane, E30, E50 with and without meth, E85.

the car went from 11.0 sec from 60 to 130 mph to 7.33 sec and from 12.4 sec 115mph to 11.2 sec 131mph with its 19-inch rings and Michelin Sport 4S tires with 1.98 on 60ft

Also 89 octane 122mph, 93 octane 127mph, 100 octane 130mph trap speed

Kratos, Pure turbos, Vargas GC ? :confused:


luchocamp 07-28-2020 04:58 PM

after evaluating the options, price and results ..
vargas $3,499
pure $5,895
kratos $7,895

I will put the order on Vargas GC soon and I will sell the factory turbos at a very reduced price

luchocamp 08-27-2020 03:01 AM

I received Agency Power Front Mount Intakes looks good qaulity ... I will test soon to see if any improve on real world situation. Sounds great.

Terry @ BMS 08-27-2020 07:44 PM


luchocamp 08-29-2020 02:33 AM

AP Front Mount Intakes $575 improve times from 7.33 to 7.16 60 to 130mph and also increase 1 mph trap speed now 11.2x@132mph.
I am happy with them, imagine with bigger turbos the benefits will be a little more.

luchocamp 08-29-2020 03:49 PM

Today made my first 11.1 @ 131.4mph
100% street set up. 18 inch wheels
Only drag track in DR it will remain closed until 2021.
Uploaded on Dragy.

luchocamp 09-05-2020 01:50 PM

this morning could manage to make
11.06@132.2mph with 1.94 on 60ft non prep driveaway and 1,500ft DA


luchocamp 09-06-2020 05:53 AM

New Record M2, M3, M4
No Prep Track
10.97@132mph with 1.88 on 60ft

uploaded on Dragy

luchocamp 09-07-2020 05:15 AM

small video
10.96@132mph No-Prep track BMW M4 🤯 Lucho Campusano - YouTube

luchocamp 09-20-2020 03:29 AM

XHP transmission flash amazing tool.

I made some test stock turbos Launch Control 4300rpm up to 9.7psi, 3800rpm 5.5psi , 4,000rpm 7.2psi and 3500rpm 4.7psi ....it could use from 2000rpm up to 6000rpm so results will be depends on the benefit you could obtain of your asphalt and tires.

luchocamp 10-15-2020 03:23 AM

November 1st, next event on the track, let's see how we combine everything and do the magic LPower.
M4 using Factory turbos & full weight everyday use car.

luchocamp 11-01-2020 03:23 PM

Best e.t. for today at track


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