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AC Tuning 09-19-2020 09:15 AM

S55 wastegate rattle
Has anyone experienced wastegate rattle on their S55?

We fitted VRSF down ***** to my M4 comp yesterday and can definitely hear wastegate rattle.

Curious to see if anyone has experienced the same.

The turbos also have a reasonable amount of play, quite bad considering the car has on done 7000 miles. :shrug

luchocamp 09-19-2020 09:56 AM

Very strange... I had several car with over 60k miles no shaft play no wg rattle...
Every unit has a different story.

AC Tuning 09-19-2020 10:14 AM

Its not the end of the world as im going to fit hybrids anyway just abit disappointing to see on a late 2018 car with such low mileage.

AC Tuning 10-10-2020 07:55 AM

Just an update, i had a look under the car and on the back turbo there is a bar that links the actuator to the wastegate in the exhaust housing. If you hold the bar and give it a wiggle it makes the same sound i hear.

When i swap the turbos in a couple of weeks i will see if i can find a fix

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