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Joelkswagen 02-22-2020 09:48 PM

JB4 2 Step Issues
Hello! I have done a ton of searching about this topic, read all the official threads, and I still have questions so here we are.

With all the changes that have happened with jb4 firmware updates, and install guidance for the 2 step relay there really seems to be a gap in current documentation on how to set this up. Even the manual in N54tech.com shows an outdated version of the relay. With that being said, I am 99% certain I have the relay installed properly, but it is not working as expected.

Car: BMW 135i 2008 N54

Pure stage 2 turbos
VRSF Inlets
VRSF ********* without CC
Berk Street catback
Jb4 G5 + Jb4 mobile. Latest firmware installed
BMS Backend flash , pump file
Fuel it stage 2 LPFP
Forge diverter valves
BMS Catch can
Jb4 2 step relay

I just installed the Jb4 2 Step relay (without antilag). The 2 step seems to work at the designated rpm on jb4 setting 8, however I am not seeing any flames, and it is kind of intermittent and inconsistent with where the rpm limits. What is of most concern, is that no matter where I set the 2 Step RPM, the engine will cut out completely under full throttle at about 4,000 RPM almost as if NLS is kicking in, but I don't have the clutch depressed. Foot completely off the clutch pedal. Any idea what the reason for the power cut might be?

Some questions I have:
1 Are there any particular default settings I need to turn on in Jb4 mobile for 2 step/NLS to work properly, other than speedo setting 8 RPM setting?

2. Do I need the provided green clutch wire installed? One was included with the kit so I installed it, well now I am reading on the product page "Note that we've modified the JB4 firmware recently so that the clutch wire is no longer required simplifying the installation." I am using latest firmware, so do I need to remove this wire? Can having it installed now create an issue?

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